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Inovad acts as a strategic intermediary, seamlessly bridging the gap between clients and Snapchat's advertising platform. With a deep understanding of both realms, we facilitate a productive partnership, enabling clients to harness the full potential of Snapchat's dynamic advertising opportunities.

We specialize in offering premium ad accounts of exceptional quality, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of Snapchat's reach and engagement. By doing so, we equip businesses with the tools they need to effectively tap into and harness the expansive potential of Snapchat's unparalleled reach and engagement capabilities.

Seamless Account Creation with No VPN or Proxy Needed
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The Power of Genuine and Secure Snapchat Accounts

Discover a range of Snapchat accounts tailored for personal or business needs. Our offerings include verified choices, all of which come with the assurance of a lifetime warranty, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in your account selection.

With over 100K satisfied users and a reputation built on security and authenticity, we're here to fuel your advertising success. Choose from our diverse selection and invest in your advertising journey with confidence.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Discover what makes INOVAD stand out from the rest. Our high-quality ad accounts, ensures that your campaigns achieve exceptional results.

Verified Ad Accounts Creation

Build your Snapchat presence with confidence through our high quality ad account creation service

Engaging Snapchat Ad Campaigns

Harness the potential of our verified Snapchat ad accounts to craft impactful advertising campaigns

Effortless Campaign Monitoring

Stay ahead of the game with our intuitive follow-up tools that enable you to monitor your ad campaigns in real-time

Simple And Flexible Pricing

Our pricing model is designed to be transparent and adaptable, ensuring you have control over your investment and can choose the plan that suits your advertising needs best

Basic Boost
$ 25 19 00

Monthly Payment

  • 1 Ad Account

  • One pixel event

  • 10% Deposit Fee (USD)

  • Minimum deposit of $250

Advanced Reach
$ 59 49 00

Monthly Payment

  • 8% Deposit Fee (USD)

  • 30% Money back guarantee (Credited to INOVAD balance)

  • Minimum deposit of $200

  • 1 Ad Account

  • Two pixel events

Expert Conversion
$ 99 89 00

Monthly Payment

  • 5% Deposit Fee (USD)

  • 100% Money back guarantee (Credited to INOVAD balance)

  • Private support

  • 1 Ad Account

  • Minimum deposit of $150

  • 5 Pixel events

Elite Growth
$ 149 129 00

Monthly Payment

  • 100% Money back guarantee (Credited to INOVAD balance)

  • Account manager

  • Minimum deposit of $50

  • 2 Premium Ad Accounts

  • 5% fee for other currency

  • 2.5% Deposit Fee (USD)

  • Unlimited pixel events

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